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Echoes of Silence

I'm already no one to You.

10/27/03 09:34 pm - Friends Only

If you want to be added then comment. You can go ahead and friend me if you wish to. Feel free to do so, but do know that I reserve the right to not add you to my Friends list.

This journal is basically my diary under lock and key. In the future I will have a more open Blog. But for now, this is all there is. The majority of the content that will go into this LJ is basically just your average rambling and complaining - if not to share a couple secrets among a close circle of friends.

Right now, those who are currently on my Friends need not worry about being removed. However, I will be very choosy about who I will add.

It's my life, they're my thoughts, words, and rants, and this is MY journal and I can do what ever the hell I damn well please with it.

10/19/03 10:03 pm - Blog

Heavy thoughts on fully reviving my blog. Which means that LJ updates will most likely dwindle.

But I will be keeping it around for entries that I would rather only a select few are able to view rather than the entirety of those with cybernetic access. SO, thusly, my LJ will soon be converted to a FRIENDS ONLY journal.

It might not happen for a while, or it might happen tomorrow. Either way, those who care... Just letting you know.

10/19/03 11:03 am - HELL YEAH!

I'm soooo freakin' sore right now. And I think I might have stressed my throat a little too much last night, I haven't said anything since I woke up so I'm not sure if I've lost my voice or not. lol.

But Adema and Godsmack last night KICKED ASS!! I LOVED IT! OMFG it was cool. Even Dad liked it. ^_^ It was fuckin' awsome.

So hopefully that was the highlight of Alexis's b-day. And it was a good thing I asked her to come becuase the poor thing wasn't having a good day. :( And we ran into Brian!! We haven't seen this kid in freakin' forever!! XD DUDE! His friend is one dude I would NOT want to get on his bad side. He moshes like freakin' CRAZY! oO

But it was grand. I loved it. And now I leave you with one last thought:

Sully Erna is the greatest person alive. He is teh shit!

10/16/03 12:30 pm - Insert witty, interesting, etc., entry title here


We did our scene yesterday. It was after Lori and Robby. Theirs was cute. I don't remember where they said it was from but I thought it was funny. ^_^

I hope ours was good. People said that it was. I'm just hoping we get a good grade for it. We worked hard on practicing it! o_O We better get a decent grade!

Ah haha. and afterward, I was playing with my camera as I was getting ready to leave the class and ended up taking a pic of the entire class. Hehehe. It was fun. I shall have to remember to post it when I get home today.

Other than that, nothing else is really happening. Godsmack and Adema is this weekend! ::prances around happily:: I think it's going to be a kickass concert! Must remember to fill out 'Lexis's b-day card when I get home too. Hm.

FFT! And I have to get a shot today. A preventative shot for Meningococcal Meningitis. It's a 'fairly new' disease that's most common in college students (And even more specific, those who live in campus dormatories.) But yeah 'rents are still wanting me to get the shot. 'Nay most of all. There was a thing on the Discovery channel about it a while back and I was watching it with 'Tousan. So I saw what it does and I'm more than willing to get the shot, even if the chances of me getting it are slim to none. ::shudder::

But yeah, must get going to History. Hopefully we'll be watching another vid on the 20s after the lecture. ::doodles more flappers in her history notebook::

Ja minna!

10/8/03 05:23 pm - Fictionpress.com

FP.com CS AnnouncementCollapse )

::sob:: I feel so... so unable to set myself FREE~! ::corny and knows it:: But in all serious honesty, I really have so much I want to get off the ground, out of my head and onto paper, HARDCOPIED, it's totally not even a slight laughing matter.

I've been on this writing drought who knows how long and it makes me feel sooo horrible. -___- I really really REALLY want to be able to sit down and write out the next chapter to Dead Kisses, I SERIOUSLY want to finish Daughter of the Dragons. (With only like TWO CHAPS LEFT!!) I SEVERELY! want to get my bounty hunter fic started out AND my Dark Elf fic, AND my soul reaper fic, AND my LotR fanfic, AND the REST OF MY IDEAS!!! ::internally combusts::

OMG! It's like my brain is going to overload. ::twitch::

And I don't know why... but I feel mizerable today. I do. I really do. For no apparent reason. I just feel so dead and empty and tired and vacant and detached and just really bad.

My mind is a dangerous thing, especially for those who confuse oh-so-easily... And boy do I ever.



10/7/03 10:28 am - eh.

I feel icky. Don't want to go to History. Don't want to go to work.

I feel icky.


10/3/03 07:19 pm - Wee~!

C-chan... cleaning up her notebooks a li'l and getting a ficbook started.

Yes, I am starting up my fic writing habits again. It's been so long since I've seriously started writing. I keep saying that I'll do it and get to it and other crap... But I never do. I think it's time I got my imagination pencil going and hunt my muse down!

::Is in safari getup with basset hound sniffing for Tray::

He WILL inspire me dammit! Even if it KILLS him. Actually... I think that he's back or at least visited today. ^.^; I gotted an idea for a new fic. More supernatural/spiritually based. One revolving around Life and Death. I've just got a basic chip of an idea... I'm hoping I'll be able to flesh it out some. But yes, I'm going to take time to sit and WRITE. (Which means there still will be very few site updates, Empty Canvas AND Fictionpress.net. ~.~;;

stupid notebook doodlesCollapse )

10/3/03 02:12 pm - Today is short

Today is going by real fast. It's pretty much just theater today; Math is only Monday and Wendnesdays. Anthropology was cancelled today for some reason I most likely just missed. So yeah, I only had thearter today... and work. ::groans:: (Should be working right now... but I'm worse than Neko-chan. ;])

Thearter was fun today. We did a bunch of voice and diction exercises. ^_^ Lots of us just acting silly. I think that Zack, John, and Rohna had the most fun with it. :D Ne, but retarded little me can't act that well. :Þ

We're most likely going to run through our scenes for Amy on Monday. Hopefully by then I'll have my lines down AND my blocking. ^^; ::Can't remember when she's supposed move around on stage:: XD (So far my lines are good. :3 I think I've got the jist of it. I'm sure it'll be easier if I was actually hearing my partner respond, ne?)

But so far so good. And life goes on.... (Nanay threatened giving 'Tousan's Godsmack tickets to John! ::snicker:: Poor 'Tousan. Moms can be so awful sometimes. ::cackle::)

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10/2/03 07:11 pm - I'm good.

This week has been very good to me.

1. Monday - I got to spend extra time with wonderful EyeCandy from thtr to block our scene.
2. Tuesday - Gotted my tickets for Godsmack and Adema >D Me, Alexis and Dad are going. ^_^ (We're going on the 18th because it's 'Lexis' birffday. She wanted to get drunk and I told her about her saying she had to do something with me because we didn't on my b-day. Tol' her about the concert and she said "Screw alcohol!!" :3 Dad's going because he rawks and listens to cool music. XD Hehe. It'll be fun! I go to Dad's concerts, now it's MY turn. ::maniacal laughter::)
3. Wednesday - Well... Wednesday... Friends who cared to read yesterday's post know what happened Wednesday. (I'm a silly little girl, but I have an excuse: I'm a silly little girl! SO HAH! ^^)

Today was an alright day. Nothing really exciting happened, but then, nothing bad happened that pissed me off so. It's good. Tomorrow Dad and Shawn are going to see Bochman Turner Overdrive. Which is cool. Shawn never really went to a concert before, so I think it'll be fun. It's probably not going to be like my first concert with The Who, but hey, it's BTO. It should still be a good show.

Can't wait 'til thearter tomorrow. ^_~ Hehehe. I'm such a shallow little bitch.

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9/26/03 02:20 pm - Hn...

Soooo bored.

Pffft. I still can't believe he's a freakin' senoir. ::heartbroken sigh:: ANYWAY! So yeah, we're supposed to start meeting up with our partners to practice our little scenes.


... I really don't know how I feel about that. (Ya know... with out whole KISSING scene. [AH! I'm such a little girl! XD ME?? Second to none. Erh... as in CONVENT. o_O) OMG. Crystal is such a natural born L.O.S.E.R. xX

Ew. I should really leave soon. I'm still on campus at the MSU. (BORING!) But I have an interview today. Must try and see if I can't get a second job making a site for my boss's friend's Real Estate Company, ya? ::gag:: I really don't know how I'm going to go about doing this. I'm TOTALLY not business oriented. ::dies:: Guess I'm just going to have to wing it. How ever horrible that may be. XÞ

Thusly, I hence.

He's a senior... That makes him, what, 22-23ish??? ... ::thud::

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